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Music Production

Are you a videographer, advertiser, broadcaster or multimedia creator? Then our music audio production services at Janeson Recordings are meant just for you. You can entrust our sound and music professionals to help you communicate your messages in Nairobi – or elsewhere in Kenya – through effective, creative and captivating audio production.Janeson Recordings as prides itself as one of the most flexible and accessible music audio

Video Production

For dynamic video productions that are captivating, you need a renowned video production house in Nairobi that is dedicated to eye-catching visual content. These words aptly capture what Janeson Films is all about with regards to music video production. Our range of services targets various people including small businesses, advertising agencies as well as musicians. Within our ranks lie an all-star cast of experts

Voice Overs & Jingles

One of our specializations at Janeson Recordings is writing and producing creative commercial radio and TV jingles for various brands in Nairobi and other parts of the Kenya. Jingles refer to advertising slogans that have been set on a memorable melody to help the target clients remember information about your products or services. We produce top quality jingles for TV and radio that have been tailored in line with your

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Music Audio Production

Video Production

Voice Overs, Jingles & Sound Tracks

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