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5 Tips for Gaining Motivation & Inspiration to Write Hit Songs

Any artist who has ever produced a chart topping hit song will most certainly testify that songwriting has never been an easy task. In a musician’s world, the threat of writers’ block looms large; finding the right ideas and words for your song becomes a laborious task that takes hours – or even days – before you come up with something meaningful. If you have found yourself in such a situation, despair not as there are various ways in which you can get your creative juices flowing to produce a track worthy of a top spot on the Billboard charts.

i. Designate a writing spot

You can set up a place at home where you can go and focus on your song writing. This could be a small office or a corner in your bedroom containing a chair and small desk. Having a designated writing spot act as a motivation for you to write your songs. Ensure that your writing tools including pens, notebooks, laptop or musical instruments are accessible when you need them.

ii. Develop songwriting routine

Developing a schedule for your writing can enable you develop a habit of songwriting in the long term. This could mean identifying a certain time of each day to working on a song – even if you do not come up with the final product in a single day. You could decide, for example, to wake up at 6.00 a.m. every day to work on a song for 30 minutes. It may take a few weeks before waking up at the aforementioned time to work on your songs becomes ingrained in your lifestyle.

iii. Do not discard unfinished songs

Keeping copies of your unfinished lyrics and unedited recordings can save you from the headaches associated with writing a song from scratch. You should always revise these unfinished songs as doing so might spark an idea that you wouldn’t have thought of weeks ago when you were writing the song. Consequently, you can just complete the song and refine it before you make arrangements to put it on a record.

iv. Get a co-writer

Working with another person on writing a song will lessen your burden in the whole exercise. This arrangement also gives you a shot at coming up with chart topper especially when your co-writer’s skills complements your own. Furthermore, co-writing is a perfect opportunity to improve your songwriting skills by observing how your co-writer does it. Co-writing also enhances your accountability or commitment to songwriting as you are not only answerable to yourself but also to your co-writer.

v. Try writing even when not in the mood

There are days that you feel that your brain is too clogged to come up with any meaningful ideas for your song. You can try by designating five minutes during which time you can try to jot down whatever comes to your mind. Surprisingly, such opportunities can provide a breakthrough by providing an idea on which to refine and build on. Even if unsuccessful after five minutes, do not be discouraged as you will have at least made an effort.

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