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Make Money in Kenya as a Musician / Sponsorship Explained

The reality of the music world is that music sales cannot be relied on solely to boost the income of artists – this is the same case in the Kenyan music scene. Sadly, this is a fact that most musicians are yet to grasp hence they spend their musical careers stagnated in the same spot they were in when they first dived into the industry. While the revenue generated from music sales has decreased over the years, other avenues have emerged through which you can make money in Kenya based on your musical talent.

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   Try digital sales

 With the dwindling number of listeners buying hard copies of songs, you can make use of the online platform to make your music available to the millions of people who use the Internet. If you dare dream big, websites, such as Bandcamp or iTunes provide a suitable platform to distribute your songs to people who will pay a certain amount before downloading the album. You could also set up a website where people can visit, sample and buy your music.

Source for sponsorships

 With an established fan base, you can reach out to various companies who can sponsor you in the form of cash, free products or sponsoring your recording sessions or videos. Companies that are likely to consider sponsoring you are ones that deal in products or services that target your fan base. Aligning with you provides them with the chance to reach these target customers – who happen to constitute your fan base. For you, this is an opportunity to rake in some extra cash thanks to your musical prowess and established fan base.

Physical merchandises

 When going for a live performance, such as a concert or talk show, be sure to carry along some of your physical merchandise that you can sell to those in attendance. These could range from t-shirts, caps, sunglasses to stickers, which are creatively emblazoned with images of you, your products or popular catchphrases. Those who purchase these products will not only boost you financially but provide some sort of free advertising by wearing your merchandise.

Licensing for films and commercial shows

The in-thing in the Kenyan music industry is to try and get your song featured as a soundtrack in adverts, films or TV shows. This entitles you to a licensing fee for the use of your song in the film production; the amount would usually depend on the budget for the film and how desperately the production team wants your song.


 Uploading your songs on YouTube provides a great chance to get some extra cash; a case in point is when your song features in video ads. A portion of the money made from the advertisements is often given to the rights holders of the music used. You can gain access to this money through CD Baby and TuneCore, which are digital distributors who help you collect your money made on YouTube.

Ringback tunes

 Ringback tunes, such as Safaricom’s Skiza Tunes and Airtel’s Hello Tunes service have become the next money-making frontier for music artists in Kenya. All you need to do is to sign up with various content providers in the market who will then connect your music to the various telecommunications giants in the market. The more popular your songs are the better because there are high chances that your fans will want to entertain their callers with these tunes. Before you know it, you will be raking hundreds of thousands in from ringback tones.

Live performances

 These days, live performances for artists do not only mean performing at concerts but also at corporate events including product launches or promotions. This form of diversification has been informed by the dwindling opportunities in securing concerts in the mainstream industry. Other events such as wedding receptions or fashion shows also stand out as moneymaking avenues for artists in Kenya.


In the past, one of the biggest headaches facing musicians in Kenya was they could not get their deserved dues even if their songs got a lot of radio-play. All that has changed with emergence of copyright agencies, such as the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), which ensures that you receive the money due to you from the many times your music plays on different for a including TV, radio as well as entertainment joints. At a fee, they will monitor to ensure that you are not underpriced and collect your full dues on your behalf, which you can always collect as per your agreement with these copyright agencies.

Offer music lessons

 With your music talent, why not make some extra money by nurturing the next crop of great musicians in your genre. We have seen this with the likes of Hellen Mtawali, Achieng’ Abura and Robert Kamanzi who were music teachers tutoring upcoming musicians in EABL’s famed music project, ‘Tusker Project Fame’. You could choose to start your own music school and teach upcoming artists on various aspects of music including playing a music instrument, song writing or vocal projection. Alternatively, you can take up a side hustle as an art-based lecturer with a focus on music in the various colleges around Nairobi and other parts of Kenya, which offer music courses.

In a nutshell, success in the music industry of today demands that you become a diverse musician who does not only specialise in one thing but many. So long as you manage to market your songs in the right places, you stand a great chance of diversifying your talent for good use. It may seem a challenge networking with the right people to open moneymaking avenues for your musical career but you will eventually come good the more you keep at it.


About Robert Janeson

Robert Janeson is a digital marketer, music producer and an entrepreneur. Has a passion for writing about personal products, personal branding and loves sharing business insights from his experience . His commitment to creating vibrant and relevant brand experiences is outstanding. He is also the author of a music RJ IDEAS music blog, which helps many people in music production. He is a happy father of two lovely boys.

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    1. Help me to be a musicians please datz my talent and I believe it please

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    Hello. Am Juliet a song writer and an upcoming music artist. I am a repper and this is just a journey am starting this now coming year. I don’t know much lik how I can do marketing and how I get money when my song is sold in internet lik u tune n other internet apps? How does one get to b called in a concert? And lastly I would like to know if there are muzic companies that sighns contracts with an artist in Kenya?

    1. franko shizo says:

      Message..hey julie,am frank,av jus read ur piece of comment,so accordn t me u fst market urself locally kwa mashows bt u hav t join a group yenye husapot music uko kwenu,av a fwnd hu joind art africa nd i see hm earn frm that

    2. Newton Mageto says:

      Hey Juliet. I am Newton a producer/ rapper and i have a studio. Hit me up so that we can talk more 0789187337

      1. Sir am a Ghanaian living in Liberia n I had started recording my first album but I want to come to Kenya to move on with my dream so please how we form

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  5. im happy to have read through this article before i storm the music industry soon…i will try my best to entertain my fans as well as earn something out of it…its business….

  6. Simple Dun says:

    Great help and giving hope to us.may God bless your work.

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  12. Salman Metobo says:

    I’m Salman Metobo and soon we’re storming the East African gospel scene with a very hot album. A Catholic charismatic sound, a christian message, inspiration for everyone in need of all that Jesus is here to offer his people.
    My young apostolate BPS Lay Ministry has some very passionate talent and I’m hoping we’re going to be a blessing to our fans.Watch out for it.

  13. jsonvybz says:

    hi guiz am jsonvybz upcoming gospel musician n in Jesus name am gonna make it to the foolest

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    Hi am rachel a musician who quit school to follow my dreams..the article is helpful but how do you get the DJ’s to play your songs?it’s been hard coz everywhere the word money comes too am looking for a sponsor we are a group of two n we need help to get through..I believe in us ..thank..

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    hello ineed ahelp ibelieve icn be agreat musician jxt need asponser

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    Hello i love music, music is my dream to do in future but because of money i have done only one song… But because of money i have never do again so far i have so many songs i have written… Please if i can get a sponsor i can make it for sure…

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    my name is Richie_6ix songwritter and a rapper avreleased one track called tattoos but i would like to be famous like lili wayne or riri little help plz

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    Am juma brenda,a starting gospel artist wth one album but dont know how to go about it,am looking for a manager and someone who knows more about music coz hata songs zangu sijapeleka kwa radio,need help seriously.

  21. Young Rukas says:

    hi I am good rapper and need a serious sponsor to help me promote my talent I have done one song by the name TUKO PARTY and it’s already on Mdundo listen to it and help me grow Thank you

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      0789187337 King Pin Music halla rapper/producer

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    I have written many songs,but I don’t have money to record
    ,how can I get a sponsor please

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    I’ve loved the message and I appreciate that, but we, upcoming artist need support to boost our music. There are some great talents still yet to be heard, the main reason being financial stretch….This is Triple B, a talented rapper and rnb singer. Who wit me?? Halla at me:0714912374. Love y’all.

  25. Edwin Mrefu says:

    Edmo is atalented upcomming artist with nice loveable and inspired sound.Need support for album video shooting:0790795405.

  26. Edwin Mrefu says:

    Edmo is atalented upcommimg artist with nice loveable and inspired sound.Need support for new album video shooting:0790795405

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    i’m a musician
    I do well in hiphop.
    I would like to improve my talent to another level under your support.

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    Am alex a university student having a dream of becoming kenyan bongo musician, i’ve several songs which i wrote while i was in high school but due to luck of funds i’ve not yet record them, plz help me if i can find any sponsor

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    ahsaaante sana 4 ur blog najua itanisaidia ile ya ngori may God bless ur work am Elias Kiama

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    am thinking big and globally am your newest world singer @nicky

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    Iam still a student in secondary school and my vision is to b come an artist to warn young people on how to abstain from ukabila,crime,immorality etc.I’ve written couple of songs concerning these things bt non I’ve produced.Am looking for a sponsor pliz connect me with one if necessary 0717298130

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    I thank God for given you this idea; I will say that you are fantastic. I am an upcoming artist who is in need of sponsor, any how you could help; I appreciate. Am a nigerian. Love you!

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    i am izzy an upcoming musical jeans and i would like to meet some who also rapps like and my contacts 0791262739 and i also need help in reaching out to the people of africa to inspire the youth..thank you for reading.

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      Well this might be quite late but…I too am an aspiring n upcoming musician doing both rap and singing…what you want to do…that is inspiring the one of my main musical dreams…and I wud wanna join u in that…my number be 0728577920..for me

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    Yes i need a sponsor who can help my music to reach people in the worldwide and not only music but the message from God.

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    Am well gospel talented l need someone who will support my talent

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    I mumbre promise am a composer of gospel music am a need of a sposer because I want to be up coning artist am in Kampala Uganda and I have my band so I will be happy if u recognise my request may God bless u .

  43. naughty soulZ says:

    We are a duo by the name naughty soulz we can both rap and sing we can dance write our own songs all we need is just someone to trust our music cause we believe iye the greatest sound that will uproar the waves of Kenyan music all we need isa record label deal that won’t reap us cause we believe we have the greatest sound in kenya so help us

  44. Wilson says:

    Hey i would just need to say that i am an upcoming artist. I would like much support in the journey am in to produce r&b music. I salute all who still have same idea.

  45. james ombura says:

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  46. Jflex kenya says:

    The onlyvproblem I have is capital but I would appreciate if someone listened to myvtalent and if he/she is pleased with it we can make a contract and share the ptofit

  47. Danny Kioko says:

    Happy to learn of such resources. I am looking for a management firm to manage my music. I am engaged most of the times and hardly get time for music. Evg. Danny Kioko ;

  48. Mary Kiilu says:

    Thanks for this name is Mary.I have my family,seven members having a family choir but it’s difficult to get money to have the choir produce songs.can I get a sponsor?

  49. Diana wairimu says:

    Hi am Diana an upcoming artist I just need someone to help me make my dream come true and I will appreciate more for it ……..for one who is kind-hearted help me andmay GOD bless you for doing that .

  50. Faith Kish says:

    I hope I will get someone to hold my hand through my music journey by helping me in terms of sponsorship and I will do my best to not let the person down.

  51. Dear Artist,

    We will be soon launching a company in Kenya where musician can be members and we help them to market there songs in original copies by signing agreement between artist and our company.
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  52. Xisco xiso says:

    Greatings. Am Xisco Xiso by artistic name .i do foundational reggae music which .I have been writting full songs now amounting 4 albums since 2013 … for longtime have been searching a connection with a reggae band,sponsorship, recording and way forward to reach out my message to the society.. hoping to here from you.

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    This is the best site it has given me a clue on how to focus on my music

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    Huy am Nelson. I have passion in music how will I start to become a musician pliz help

  57. Evans Mukanzi says:

    Hi, am upcoming gospel artist from limuru looking for promoter or management that iwill work with, my youtube channel is evans mukanzi thanks in advance and God bless you.

  58. stanley chemweno says:

    hello am a talented upcoming musician. I don’t know which way to follow to produce the song. kindly assist

  59. gospel family says:

    hellow the article is great i luv it iam isaiah a gospel muscian under a group called the gospel family international doing afro fusion type of music my advice to you all lets make a whatspp group then i we shall help each other going the next level (mwaka huu by the gospel family:

  60. Robi says:

    Hallo. Am Robi an upcoming artist. I can sing and wrap too. I have written several songs now but i don’t know how to begin and reach my dreams. Pls help with advice

  61. israel says:

    hi,am izzy hiphop singer from Mombasa,nyali am a secondary student,am working on my new song this month November2017,am looking of a way to grow my music am just new in the game.

    1. israel says:

      still izzy here,this is my number0788786904

  62. Kelvin ezra says:

    Hey my name is kelvin Ezra going by the name young ezzy… I am a hiphop and afro pop artist.. Staying in Kenya…I want to start music as a career though getting the income to go in a studio is kinda hard coz the expense is increasing daily…I’i knw I can make real difference in the music industry in Kenya and all over..

  63. kelvin says:

    Which method do tunecore use to pay the musicians?

  64. Giftbwoy says:

    Hello guys.giftvwoy hear and am an upcoming gospel singer.av written a no of songs and my wish is doing a collaboration.the song is complete and will just make you know the lines.. Looking forward for any person. 0795684173

  65. Wib Kid says:

    Hey am Wib Kid a dong writer and a singer.I have recorded two songs but from a low quality stufio coz I have just finished my form four these year.I have a single parent although they say am not theirs.I have an ampition of singing having more than 25 written songs if I may find a sponser let God bless him

  66. VINC B says:

    Am an afro beat artiste and a producer as can contact me 0742007580.
    IG_Vinc Beatz FB_ Vinc Beatz

    Thank you

  67. VINC B says:

    Am an afro beat artiste and a producer as can contact me 0742007580.
    IG_Vinc Beatz FB_ Vinc Beatz

    Thank you

  68. am from ololua in Karen…….just finished exams..,I have written songs which need to be sponsored need help

  69. I have my songs I’d love to record but money’s a headache, would appreciate getting a sponsor I live in Nairobi Kenya my number 0705028343

  70. Nekoye says:

    First of all thankyou for the great advice.
    Hope my plea will catch the eye of this one great person whom I will truelly appreciate to accept to be my director,sponsor and even share holder.
    I am a talented 17 year old with a humour that can well be expressed in music just with the right person in charge of it all.
    I don’t right songs but would like to specialize in music covers therefore youtube as my host.
    Thanks in advance that who is ready to journey up with me till we get to the utmost success.
    Thankyou for reading.

  71. jajosmarta says:

    so much talent with no one to nurture,sometimes people should learn to invest in many ways,even investing in a person who has no resources can also make one rich,for instant I believed if only I found a sponser to release at list one album am sure I wll make him or her rich n make smethng out of my self

  72. Jeremy says:

    I’m Jeremy… I’m a songwriter, singer and instrumentalist… I have a bandmate, we write songs together and we’ve written a couple of songs … people have listened to us and confessed that we’re actually really good… we are looking for ways to record and put our music out there… please get back to me and help us out

  73. Nyax says:

    hi everyone…I’m in need of someone to fund my music career.I am a songwriter & a singer & much great I will be humbled if I get someone to hold my hands thru it…God bless u..

  74. Hello,.I’m Tony Tony. I have a marketable good to ears and danceable urban gospel song titled “Aramchikicha” – Nikuimbie done by Busy B.
    I need a video producer/ music label to seal a mutual video deal with and even management.
    Interested video producer, music label or talent managers; contact here: 0717637832. Regards.

  75. Hello,.I’m Tony Tony. I have a marketable good to ears and danceable urban gospel song titled “Aramchikicha” – Nikuimbie done by Busy B.
    I need a video producer/ music label to seal a mutual video deal with and even management.
    Interested video producer, music label or talent managers; contact here: 0717637832. Regards.

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